Why I Try


I’ve been working out with a personal trainer for a few months now with some moderate results in my physical transformation. I’ve been hitting it a bit harder lately, pushing myself into goal activation mode in a number of realms: financial, travel, professional, physical, spiritual… all in the realm of self-improvement.

As I work on goal activation, the parts that I have control of at least, I notice a few trends that come up over and over across the weeks: consistency in nutrition, consistency in exercise, and a few things in the work category.

In a discussion with my trainer about the nutrition and exercise consistency components, he pressed me hard on the WHY behind things. I gave my initial answers, canned versions that were comfortable, and all things that I tell myself. That I am comfortable with slow and steady progress, that I hit it for a day or two and then get distracted, that work and kids take priority, that I had planned to be consistent but a holiday or stressful work day or party or poor planning got in my way. When I boil it down though, the reason I’m not consistent is that I haven’t wanted it bad enough yet. And I can’t succeed if I don’t want it bad enough.

So, since I’ve been pushed to press myself for the WHY, it’s time to challenge myself in those arenas and be honest.

Why do I want to be consistent with my nutrition and exercise?

  1. I want to look awesome naked.
  2. I want to turn heads.
  3. I want to feel powerful and have follow-through, not consistently struggle with the same things month after month.
  4. I want to set a good example, for myself, my children, my clients.
  5. I want to be proud of myself physically.
  6. I want my outsides to match my insides.
  7. I want to feel confident in all parts of my body–primarily my stomach–I want to be trim and lean and to not be tough on myself.
  8. I want to look and feel healthy. I plan to live a long time.
  9. I want to sleep better, have more energy during the day, and treat my body systems well (digestion, respiratory, etc).
  10. I want to give myself challenges and achieve the challenges, rather than relying on reasonable excuses as to why they didn’t work.
  11. I want to be proud of myself for having the drive to succeed in things that I set out to do.
  12. A very human part of me wants others to notice the powerful changes I’m making, in an ‘eat your heart out’ kind of way.


So… I guess it’s time to challenge myself and to meet the challenges that I set. I plan to make the next 90 days ones of power and transformation and consistency.

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