Interview with a Utah prostitute

Prostitute (image)

The worst part is people just assume the worst about me, you know, as a person, if they find out what I do. 

And what do they assume about you?

I don’t know, that I grew up in a broken home, that I’m a drug addict, that I’m like a depressed and unhappy person. I’m no different from anyone else. 

Do you refer to yourself as a prostitute?

It is what it is. But I prefer the term ‘call-girl.’ I do a little bit of work on webcam also, but I don’t have the patience for that. I hate interacting with people over computers, typing and waiting for chats. I would rather interact with real people that I can see than sit there in my own room chatting to strangers.

So tell me a bit about what you do. I mean, not what you–tell me about the job.

Haha, you’re blushing. 

Be quiet, ha.

It’s not that complicated. I mean, some girls still do the walk the street thing, but with the Internet everything is different. I can find clients online. There are shady places like Craigslist, where you run an ad and see who responds. But I won’t do unsafe. I set things up through more legit websites. Men who join up have to provide credit cards and verify their identities or whatever. They can have usernames and fake names, but the website has the info of the person who paid, so there are extra protections. 

So you basically advertise through these secure websites to set up customers.

Yeah, basically. 

And what kind of people do you see? What kind of rates?

There are all different kinds of guys. Some are just lonely old guys who want some company. Some are businessmen in town away from their wives. Some guys want me for just an hour or two, some for an overnight, some for a whole weekend. Shorter gigs, I charge more, like 200 per hour, but I’ll give discounts for longer rates, at least per hour. 750 for a whole night, 1000 for a day, that kind of thing. And, I mean, they pretty much all want sex, at least some kind. 

And how do you set that up?

I’m clear with them in advance. I like to know what they like, what they are looking for. Safe sex only. I can charge more if they want something less… vanilla. But it’s all pretty standard and straightforward. They offer money for the things they want, and pay for the more rare or specialized things. 

So what do you like about the job?

Thank you for calling it a job. It is a job. It’s what I do, not who I am. And I like it most the time. I get to make people feel good, I get to feel desired, and I get paid really well to do it. It clears up a lot of free time, so I can do the day job stuff less. 

And what are the drawbacks?

It does affect my relationships. Most the people who love me don’t like that I do it. They are constantly scared for me. And I’ll admit, I get a little bit scared sometimes meeting a stranger. And once in a while, it was kind of an unpleasant experience and I can feel a little lonely or gross afterwards. But everyone has bad days at work sometimes. 

Is there a big market for it here?

In Utah? Oh absolutely. I mean, not in the little small towns. But in Salt Lake, Park City, and Moab, especially. And Provo. There is a whole network of local girls and we are all pretty supportive to each other. The only ones who really struggle are the out-of-towners who come in. Girls like from California or New York who try to market themselves here struggle for a while until they learn the local culture. Utah is way different than those places. 

You have a girlfriend, right?

Yeah, she’s rad. She’s a very cool girl. We are totally in love. 

And does your job bother her?

Actually, she’s pretty okay with it. I tell her everything and we communicate really well. We have a good relationship. Her family doesn’t know what I do. They are super Mormon and they wouldn’t get it. I’m not ashamed, but I don’t tell them because I don’t want them to thing negative of me. 

What about your family?

Oh, we don’t really talk. They don’t know what I do either, but that’s because they aren’t really in my life. 

How did you end up here?

I moved here for her. 

If you could go back and do something else, would you?

I won’t do this forever. This is a temporary thing. I’m saving up money and doing things that I love. I don’t love my job, I don’t. I want out of it eventually. We all do, really. It’s just good money for now, and I can do it on my own terms. I want to go back to school eventually, travel, have a family. 

How did you wind up in all of this in the first place?

I realized men like what I look like. Someone offered me money one time, and it was fun, so I started doing it more. I took some risks at first, then figured out how to do it smart. 

Anything else you want to say, to anyone who might read this?

Sex is a big part of the world. Everyone wants it. There is pornography and prostitution out there, and strippers and dancers and all that. And that means there are thousands of girls who work in all of those, and they do it because men will pay them to do it. And it’s not, like, something to strive for, but it’s real and there are real people who do it. We are humans and we are smart. We have moms and dads and, like, pets and hobbies and friends. And if it is consensual and a decision a woman makes, then that is her business, not yours. We all deserve respect. 

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